Garden pavilion at the

Garden pavilion at the "2nd Sarsteiner Villa"

Bauerstrasse 13, in the park of the villa, near the intersection of Bauerstrasse/ Kálmánstrasse



The first Sarsteiner Villa (Bauerstrasse 11, Brennerstrasse 28) was built in 1894, the second (located at the same property) in 1900. The socond’s garden pavilion is certainly not a still-extant leftover of the first villa and certainly dates from 1900 because its ornamentation (notice the wooden loggia) is similar to that of the second villa, and its designer was the same as the second villa’s designer: Ischl master builder Michael Treu*.

The garden pavilion is certainly one of the most beautiful and elaborate garden pavilions in Ischl. On a quarry stone base (since 2010 a concrete slab), there is a unique square, imaginatively decorated post-and-beam building with a sheet metal tent roof with double knob. Above the entrance of the pavilion is a small dormer. The rear wall (facing north) is filled with boards. Two sides are glazed. The south facing side is open. Until 2010, the lateral parapet elements as well as those on the south side were decorated with fretsaw ornamentation.


* Michael Treu is known for detailed and playful buildings (see, for example, the house Kaltenbachstrasse 3).